Stravinski - Psalmensymfonie, Mis, Momentum, Choral-Variationen


Zelfs een gedoodverfd modernist als Igor Stravinski wist dat zielenrust niet met schietgebedjes verworven wordt. Binnen het rijke oeuvre van deze rebelse Rus vormt religie dan ook een dominant vraagstuk. Hoofddirigent Philippe Herreweghe laat Stravinski’s meest orthodoxe kant zien en maakt diens gelovige geste tot modus operandi van een atypische hommage. Van polyfone zangen tot lutherse koralen via kinetische psalmen en weemoedige misteksten: Stravinski zoals u hem nog nooit hoorde.

"Whether you're filling a gap in your Stravinsky repertoire, or just looking for top-notch new performances of any of these pieces, this release deserves strong consideration." Classics Today

"...vital, finely focused singing...The opening movement has a fierce urgency and the fugal exposition of the second is beautifully articulated." BBC Music Magazine

"Herreweghe really engages with this music in a way few of his rivals have done, and he has marvellous singers and players to realise his view of the work. While Herreweghe understands the restrained mood of the work, he doesn't let this become stern or solid....[his] ear for balance proves to be impeccable, and enlightening. As in all great performances of this work, even at his flowing tempo, Herreweghe achieves a rare sense of stillness. […] This is a Stravinsky disc to treasure." International Record Review

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